Nagaland State Lottery Today Result 8 PM


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Nagaland State Lottery Today Result 8 PM Draw Schedule & NamesLottery Sambad [লটারি সংবাদ]

Week DaysDraw Names
SundayDear Hawk Evening
MondayDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Eagle Evening
ThursdayDear Falcon Evening
FridayDear Vulture Evening
SaturdayDear Ostrich Evening

Details of Prizes Nagaland Lottery Result

RankNo. of PrizesPrize Amount (in ₹ ) Super Prize Amount (in ₹ )

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result Details

nagaland state lottery 8PM
Nagaland Lottery Sambad

Lottery sambad Nagaland state lotteries are a very popular lottery in India. It is operated by his own Nagaland state govt. Nagaland State Lottery is totally from Nagaland state lotteries Govt so there is no duplicity in this case. Everything here is totally transparent. A live draw will be done by the Nagaland state lotteries govt authorized employee. Nagaland state lottery sambad is one of the oldest and one of the most popular lotteries in our country. Nagaland state lottery today updated daily on our website at 8 pm after the draw is over as soon as possible we update the result of Nagaland lottery result on our website. here

So feel free to check the Nagaland state lottery result today at 8 pm on our website. Nagaland lottery sambad is updated now for checking it click on the below link so can you download pdf or see lottery sambad today result from Nagaland state lottery result today. Keep visiting our website for updated today’s lottery result.

Nagaland lottery result daily playable name is on Sunday it is Dear Hawk Evening, Monday it is a different name so the name is Dear Flamingo Evening, so it’s so on Tuesday it called as Dear Parrot Evening, on Wednesday its name is Dear Eagle Evening, on Thursday its Dear Falcon Evening, on Friday it’s named as Dear Vulture Evening, on Saturday its Dear Ostrich Evening and so on name is changeable after some month we will definitely update it when the name will be changed.

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Nagaland State Lottery Coverage

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How To Choose A Lottery Number


So there are a number of lottery players in India but some of those who got the luck to win lottery sambad Nagaland state lottery 8 pm today result so try your luck always but don’t buy so much of tickets be in your limit.